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South East Lancashire: Chair: Sarah Bellis

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The Branch started life as a Sub Branch of the North Cheshire Branch until full Branch status was awarded in April 1986. The first meeting of the Branch was held in the Railway, Twist Lane, in Leigh on Sunday 30th June 1985.

The current Towns & Villages the Branch covers are:

  • Astley
  • Atherton
  • Earlstown
  • Golborne
  • Leigh
  • Lowton
  • Newton le Willows
  • Tyldesley

The branch has recently seen resurgence in activity. The sleepy branch of SE Lancs has recently been awakened. A group of members from Wigan branch who live in the South East Lancs area have decided to switch branches and they want to give the local campaign a boost. We are hoping to repatriate members from our local area who have chosen to join other branches. This new blood is enthusiastic in making SE Lancs the active branch that it should be. With so many real ale pubs in the branch we need to do the campaign justice!

We are planning a fun - filled schedule of real ale related activities throughout the year like pub surveys and trips. The Branch meet formally each month but the word formally is used very loosely – as we well as cascading information from CAMRA HQ etc; all meetings are the opportunity for folk interested in the SE Lancs real ale scene to get together and discuss their hobby – which pubs are doing a good pint or where improvements are desired. Yet out of over 250 members in the branch only about 10 of those have ever come along to meetings. Attending a meeting does not commit members to any further ‘work’ though volunteers for pub surveys or other tasks are always very welcome.

Our meeting dates are in the events calendar, why not come along to our next meeting and introduce yourself – you will be made very welcome !! The meetings are also published in our branch newsletter ‘The Ale Reporter’ which is produced bi-monthly and distributed to cask pubs in our area. Or, find us on Facebook, ‘South East Lancs CAMRA’!

All of CAMRA's members are highly valued. Without you the organisation would not exist, but did you know that CAMRA membership can mean so much more than your monthly copy of What's Brewing or the occasional trip to the local beer festival? CAMRA is a very active organisation full of vibrant personalities getting involved in many different ways. From taking part in local pub surveys, distributing membership leaflets to running local and national beer festivals, the work is varied, challenging, but most of all, enjoyable. There is of course an element of commitment to volunteering but ultimately it is like-minded individuals working together and having fun that really encourages members to keep giving their valuable time.

Why bother? - Well without more individuals getting involved actively, CAMRA will struggle to continue to grow and develop. Local branches are always looking for new faces to join in at meetings or social events and would be very happy to hear from you. So why not become a more active part of CAMRA? It is rewarding, fun and will no doubt at some point involve having a few pints. What could be better?

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